Our shipping terms and conditions

The following terms apply to all shipments made within and outside the Republic of Colombia.

The published pricing on the website do NOT include local, national or international shipping costs except when expressly indicated by the product or in any particular promotion.

Local, national or international transport prices may change at any time without prior notice, depending on the current rates determined by the different logistics operators according to the rates reported for their online services.

The customer agrees to provide a valid address where the order can be delivered. In case the client provides an address that is not reachable by the transporter, any other additional cost will be covered by the client himself.

All shipments made by our company and by our suppliers are perfectly packaged, in the event that your order is delivered to you with any physical damage by the transporter, you must leave an explicit record when signing the transport manifest (also called consignment, guide or AWB) to the employee of the transport service indicating that the package shows signs of abuse (open box, hit, perforated, wet, among others); Without this written statement, you agree that the package has been received in accordance without subsequent claims to the carrier. If the transport service employee does not allow you to make the respective entry in the manifest, you should NOT receive the package for any reason and should reject it.

If you suspect that the box that the transport service employee is giving you does not contain what you bought because it does not correspond to the weight or size of the package, you should NOT receive it indicating the reasons for the package service employee and you should report it with us immediately to clarify your order.

Once the package has been received by you or any other person at the delivery address, you have 24 hours to report anomalies due to physical or missing damage to your order, after this period there is no change or claim.

If the goods, due to their weight or size, require mechanical aids for unloading at the client's facilities, such as forklifts, wheelbarrows, foxes or stevedores, they must be provided by the client as well as the personnel to carry out said unloading. Deliveries are made only on the first floor (ground floor) or reception and the entry of products to the upper floors or internal areas are the responsibility of the client.

Delivery area

The coverage area for the delivery of our products is limited to the localities where there is coverage through the transport companies with which we have service. For all air or land deliveries, we totally depend on the conditions on the ground being favorable, as well as the weather and safety conditions of each location.

In-store pickup

The instructions to collect the merchandise will be notified by email once the money has been verified to our Company according to the selected payment method. For collection at our company, you will be asked to present the official identification with which you registered in our virtual store (identity document or passport that proves your nationality).

If you plan to send another person, it is important to email us at info@techchip.com the full name and identification number of the person who will pick up the order. This security measure is for the sole purpose of delivering the order to the authorized person.

The schedule to collect merchandise in our company (Free) is from Monday to Friday from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. and from 2 P.M. to 5 P.M.

Delivery time for in-stock products

The delivery time begins to count once the income of the money to our Company is verified according to the selected payment method.

Within the Republic of Colombia, the average delivery time is 72 hours for main and intermediate cities and up to eight days for small and / or very remote municipalities. The promised delivery date can be verified on the website of the respective transport company using the tracking number (guide, manifest, remittance or AWB), which will be notified by email once the respective dispatch is carried out.

For international shipments, the average delivery time is up to 15 days, however, we cannot offer an accurate delivery time because the conditions in each country are different and beyond our control. The promised date of arrival in the destination country can be verified on the website of the respective transport company using the tracking number (guide, manifest, remittance or AWB), which will be notified via email once it is done. the respective office.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to schedule delivery times, because the distribution process and distribution routes of transport companies are beyond our control, in addition, it must be considered that sometimes it is not possible to meet the promised delivery date, due to external factors to our will and to the will of the transporters and / or by force majeure for example: landslides on the roads, restrictions in the transport of cargo, strikes, bad weather conditions, among others. We also wish to highlight that shipments in the December season have greater delays due to congestion in transport companies due to the high volume of goods that are mobilized on those dates.

Delivery time of products on request

The approximate delivery time on request is from 3 to 6 weeks depending on the product, however, in case of requiring longer times, you will be notified by email so you can decide if you want to continue waiting or cancel your order. Orders paid for more than 6 weeks have a money-back guarantee.

If there are any permanent difficulties that prevent the delivery of the product, you will be notified by email so that you can decide whether to change your product for another model or to cancel your order.

If your order includes several products on request, the merchandise will be sent at the time your entire order is complete, if you need partial shipments to be made, you will be charged one shipment for each partial according to the weight and dimensions of the package.

Taxes and customs for international shipments

The prices shown on our site for customers from countries other than the Republic of Colombia are tax free (we identify each Nation origin's IP address), but in accordance with the laws of each Country, you may have to Pay import duties and taxes once you receive your order. Import taxes, duties, and other related customs charges are determined by your local customs autorithy office. The payment of these charges and taxes is your responsibility and will not be covered by us. We are not responsible for delays caused by your country's customs autorithy department. For more details on the charges, please contact your local customs autorithy office.